73% of our clients said that mediation had helped improve their family situation.

94% of clients said that counselling had helped improve their relationship/family situation.

88% of clients attending the Child Contact Centre said that it had helped improve their family situation.

97% of all our clients said they would recommend Relationships Scotland to a friend or colleague.

 Counselling has been very helpful in helping me identify some of the reasons behind my current situation

It’s a very valuable service and has helped me a great deal to see alternatives, think or try to think more clearly and address issues more clearly. It has been good to have someone objective and experienced to talk to.

The Child Contact centre has worked great for myself and my son. Staff are very patient, we can talk to them quite openly and they are very understanding, things are great now they are involved.

Mediation has been a really positive experience for me especially with on going court action pursued by the other parent. It offered me important tools for communication and decision making as well as a crucial space of confidentiality when trust has been broken.