Child Contact

Parents going through a tough divorce or separation can find it too difficult to see each other, so children need a safe, welcoming place to spend time with their non-resident parent.

Child contact centres can play an essential role in helping children affected by family breakdown to maintain relationships with the parent they no longer live with, or with other family members.

The central concept of a child contact centre is to offer a safe, friendly, neutral, child-centred environment for children to meet their non-resident parent or family member. They are designed to be a stepping stone to a more permanent arrangement for future contact.

We have practical advice on how using a child contact centre helps and what happens at a child contact centre.

Child contact centre staff do not assume direct responsibility for children during contact.  The child is always the responsibility of the person bringing the child for contact or the person having contact.  However, child contact centre staff will manage the transition of the child(ren) from one parent to another, when required.

We have a child contact centres in both Stranraer and Dumfries offering handover supported or supervised contact.

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