What happens at mediation

At an initial meeting, you will be invited to share your concerns and discuss the next steps in confidence. If you want to go ahead, a mediator will meet the parties involved, usually three or four times, and each person will be able to talk about their concerns.

You may talk freely and in confidence in mediation. Sessions offer you a safe and neutral environment in which to talk. What happens during family mediation cannot be used in civil proceedings unless both parties want it to be or if there are issues about children’s safety or criminal activities.

Direct consultation with children

Family mediation focuses on putting children first. Families can do this best by listening to and trying to understand them. We also offer the option of the mediator meeting the children individually to hear their views on what their parents have been discussing in mediation. The mediator agrees with the children what they would like to feed back into the mediation process for their parents to hear.

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