Parenting Apart Groups 


Splitting up? Living Apart? Divorcing? Separating?

Do you want to know how to help your children through it all?

A Parenting Apart Information Session is an opportunity for you to find out how to make sure you and your children move forward positively.

You gain an insight in to what you and your family are going through and how to make things the best they can be.

Parenting Apart Information Sessions are generally for 3 hours and for groups of mums and dads, but they are sometimes offered on a one to one basis.  The facilitators are experienced family support professionals who will explain about what your children need from you and their other parent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions are there and how long do they last?
Parents generally attend one three-hour session, or two shorter sessions if on a one to one basis.  Two group sessions are often offered around about the same time, with one during the day and one in the evening, to give both parents the chance to go to different groups.

Will my ex-partner be at the same group?
Parents who have separated generally choose to go to different groups.

Will there be both dads and mums at each group?
Yes, we try to make sure that the groups are mixed so that a range of views are included.

Will I have to talk about my situation?
There will be opportunities for discussion and to hear how other parents are managing living apart from their child’s other parent, but it is up to you what or how much you say. Everyone who attends is asked to treat the session as confidential.

Who leads the groups?
Parenting Apart  sessions are run by people who have been specially trained for this work. They are either experienced family mediators or have had other experience in working with separating families. The content and structure of the sessions have been developed by Relationships Scotland with input from a variety of sources including similar initiatives in other countries.

Can’t I get the information I need from books and the web?
There is a lot of good information out there, but by coming along to the session, you will have the opportunity to ask questions. You will appreciate other perspectives, and particularly how it is from the children’s point of view.

How does a Parenting Apart group compare with mediation?
At a Parenting Apart group, you can get information and hear from other people. In mediation, you and your child’s other parent meet with a mediator to talk about your situation and agree how you want to go forward. Many parents find that after attending a Parenting Apart session they have a better understanding of what their children need and they can then work out their plans for the future better with the other parent in mediation.

What does it cost?
There is no charge to attend a Parenting Apart session.  The Scottish Government are supporting this service through a Strategic Funding Partnership Grant.

Do I need to make any preparations or bring anything with me?
No, just come along willing to listen and we’ll provide the rest.

After I’ve been to a Parenting Apart group, what other help is available?
The pack that you get at the session includes suggestions for sources of further help. You may want to ask about the mediation service.

I don’t see my children at all at the moment. Can I still come to the session?
Yes, you will almost certainly hear something useful.

How do I book a place at a group?
Contact us to find out more information and notify us of your interest in attending a group.