I'm going through a Divorce or Separation

Family breakdown is distressing. You will be probably be worried about the effect on your children. We can help in different ways.

Family mediation services support parents and children through family change and disruption as a result of separation, divorce or family restructuring.

The aim of mediation is to agree on practical, workable arrangements for the future, taking into account children’s views, needs and feelings. Our focus is on putting children’s needs first. We do not help parents get back together.

In the aftermath of a breakup, it can sometimes be difficult for the non-resident parent to maintain contact with their children. Using our child contact centres in Glasgow or Kilmarnock non-resident parents can spend time with their children, or collect and return the children to the other parent at the start and end of visits. Parents do not have to see or speak to each other at contact centres.

Spending time with your children can happen in a supported or supervised context.